Frankie at work

Frankie is the typical down to earth girl. She loves to dance, so she teaches kids at a local dance studio. To earn her living, she works at her sister’s restaurant.

One day, after attending a concert, she meets a mysterious girl that has an unexplainable interest in her. It takes her a while to realize this person is the world famous singer Noor.

Noor’s husband cheats on her in front of their eyes and the singer invites Frankie on a secret escape to catch a breath.

A few days pass, the girls bond and when the moment arrives to return home, Frankie’s ordinary and Noor’s extraordinary life awaits and it seems like they’ll never meet again.

Until Noor shows up at Frankie’s work, unannounced, unexpectedly …


  1. Frankie at work – Chapter 1: It’s probably a bad idea
  2. Frankie at work – Chapter 2: Miguel
  3. Frankie at work – Chapter 3: Berlin
  4. Frankie at work – Chapter 4: Normal life
  5. Frankie at work – Chapter 5: Get to know me
  6. Frankie at work – Chapter 6: Utter Confusion
  7. Frankie at work – Chapter 7: Noor’s birthday
  8. Frankie at work – Chapter 8: Crazy emotions
  9. Frankie at Work – Chapter 9: Skateboard
  10. Frankie at Work – Chapter 10: Breakfast
  11. Frankie at Work – Chapter 11: Tragedy Strikes
  12. Frankie at Work – Chapter 12: A Promise
  13. Frankie at Work – Chapter 13: The Meaning of a Dream
  14. Frankie at Work – Chapter 14: Elijah 
  15. Frankie at Work – Chapter 15: The Cool Mom (final chapter)