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There aren’t enough lesbian books in the world, simply because there can never be enough novels or stories in the world.

I want to fix that with Sapphic Books, a website where I publish my succesful fanfiction stories and newly written books.

All about girls, all for girls.

As a young girl growing up, I never really found the literature that made me feel understood. Every single piece of paper I read concerning falling in love or discovering everything related to it, showed me the connection between boy and girl – and even though I loved most of them, I ached for more. For something that felt like me!

I started writing at a really young age and quickly discovered, as time passed and the pages grew longer, that I was searching for a girl falling in love with another girl. It had to be sweet, it had to be loving, it had to be everything I ever experienced falling in love, toghether with the confirmation that it was troubling, scary, exploring, …

I felt drawn to series and films brave enough to dive into the world of sapphic love and lesbian content. As shows and chapters ran out, finally I found the bravery to publish some of my own work on popular websites (such as Fanfiction.com). Massive response not only uplifted my spirit, but made me want these stories to be even more commonly known, not just by the specific fans of one particular show. So I rewrote some of the lines, changed a few names and normalized the story as a whole. And I started sapphicbooks.com !

Have a look at two of my popular stories, ‘AA-meetings‘ and ‘Captured‘.

NEW STORY: ‘Frankie at work‘! (updated frequently)


One thought on “Welcome

  1. You could do competitions or something. Allowing people to write their own stories and then for you to pick the winner. The winner could have their own story/stories appear on your website. I don’t want to tell you what to do, but I suppose it could be a good way to be publicised.
    I wouldn’t mind an email, I love your stories. Pure gold.
    Thank you for giving me such a good read.


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