AA-meetings – Chapter 15: A Wedding

A wedding


“How come we don’t do this more often?” Amy wonders out loud, while walking down the streets of her beloved old town.

“Because I’m a famous person and shopping requires a three hour makeup preparation,” Alex sneers.

Like always, the Latina quickly kicks the fun out of it by joking around.

“Shut up and hold my hand,” Amy tells her, determined to ignore the sassy comment. “Nobody knows you’re here. So it’ll be fine.”

“It wasn’t fine yesterday. Ever since the engagement came out, the pap is on our ass twenty four seven.”

Okay, yesterday was bad. After just suffering the delight of a midnight fitting and only three hours of sleep, Alex was running late for a casting in Boston. She flew there with a private plane Rick had chartered. It sounds very decadent, but there was no other option. Alex had to be back in Los Angeles by sunset. Another casting took place that evening. Plus, a rehearsal runway.

“I haven’t seen you a lot lately,” Amy pouts.

“Like that’s just my fault. You’ve been working a lot too, babe,” Alex defends herself.

They are shooting a movie at Wolfe Movies. For once, Amy agreed to work with her parents, but only because the script was so freaking good. Besides, it’s close to home. The studios are a half an hour drive from their apartment building.

When Alex’s phone suddenly starts buzzing, she picks up with a charming greeting. It’s Rick. It’s always Rick.

“Yeah, it was great,” she tells him.

Amy is holding her hand and pulls her to a nearby shop. She has to buy some beauty products and waits patiently for Alex to hang up the phone.

“That one too,” Alex positively reviews the day. “Oh, and Spencer was so nice to me on the plane. Really, I had no idea.”

The other voice sounds enthusiastic. Suddenly, Amy’s jaw drops. She interrupts the conversation as if it is not a rude thing to do.

“Did you meet Spencer Riddick?” she exhales while barely breathing.

He’s a legend. Nobody knows that man and yet, he’s so important in the industry. It’s like he’s a living ghost. Naturally, Alex would be the chosen one to share a private jet with him. Alex nods and smiles her way, while listening to Rick as well.

“What’s he like?” Amy continues the questioning.

Alex thinks her curiosity is adorable and shrugs while rolling her eyes over the nagging spree that Rick has cast over her. She covers the microphone and leans closer to Amy.

“He’s pretty legendary,” she winks, only to confirm the blonde’s suspicion.

It’s like every single person that ever met this man signed a confidentiality contract to keep the mystery alive. The model turns around to discuss upcoming events over the phone and that’s when the impatient Amy decides to walk into the store alone.

“Stay here. Behave and don’t cause a media storm,” she orders her girlfriend.

But Alex is feeling attacked by that assumption and growls, completely forgetting about Rick for a hot second: “Like that’s ever my fault.”

By the time she hangs up, Alex decides to just wait for Amy outside. It’s nice to breathe in some clean air for a change. It’s different from the city. When it’s cloudy and rainy, it takes a lot to inhale properly.

All of a sudden, she notices a man standing next to her. He looks kind of familiar, but the time or place of their previous interaction just doesn’t pop up in her mind.

“Hi,” he says too embittered to be a loyal fan.

She frowns and observes his curly blond hair. He’s cute, but something about his appearance makes her not like him.

“Hi,” she softly utters. “I’m sorry, but who are you?”

She tries to be friendly, but when a guy walks over to her with that attitude, you can’t expect much. She turns her head to the shop and stares through the windows, hoping Amy will show up soon.

“I’m Christopher,” the man introduces himself.

Unfortunately, Alex still can’t put an occasion to the face. She tries to cover he ignorance up, though, and smiles politely.

“Nice to meet you, Christopher,” she tells him.

But the man is unimpressed. He squeezes his eyes a bit and that makes him look a lot more Asian than she would’ve given him.

“We met before,” he confirms her suspicion.

She hesitantly frowns all innocent: “When?”

Christopher clearly is unimpressed by her oblivious portrayal: “I’m Amy’s ex-boyfriend.”

Suddenly, that night flashes in front of her eyes. The ex-boyfriend, right. She still remembers his angry face every time he saw her storm in or out of a room.

Oh. Nice to meet you properly this time.”

She couldn’t be less intimidated. This one does nothing to her. He doesn’t scare her, he doesn’t intrigue her. He’s the living prove that Amy has had sex with other people but her and that kind of pisses her off. This person doesn’t stand a chance.

“Right … So you don’t even remember me?”

Now she’s just acting.

“I’m bad with faces, really,” she tells him with an evil smirk.

He suddenly calms down, though. The man’s been mad at her probably. She walked into his life, took his girl the exact same hour and left like nothing ever happened. Except his entire life changed without asking how he’d feel about that.

“How did this …”

He shuts up immediately after uttering the words and coughs to gather his thoughts.

“I mean – it doesn’t make any sense. Amy isn’t gay. She can’t be,” he tells her.

Alex kind of gets a compassionate feeling concerning him. Little does he know.

“We were best friends for eighteen years,” she explains with a straight face. “We were lovers for almost three. The things we did to each other, believe me, it was pretty gay.”

He smirks and tries to block the image out. Just like Amy when Alex left, he gets constantly reminded of the brutal truth by looking at billboards and magazines. Most of the time, Amy’s standing right next to her when the paparazzi snaps pictures of her. And now they’re engaged.

“You don’t really like me, do you?” she asks, kind of needless.

The man, nicely dressed and perfectly groomed, shrugs and wiggles his nose: “Well, I don’t want to murder you.”

She smiles. This rather snarky conversation makes her realize what Amy might have seen in him.

“That’s positive thinking,” she assures him with a charming smirk.

He nods and puts both hands in his pockets.

“Anyway, bye,” he tells her.

One more look at her and he decides to leave before things get really awkward.

By the time he’s halfway down the street, Amy resurfaces. She recognizes the man Alex is staring at and her heart stops beating immediately.

“Oh, God. What did you say to him?” she quickly asks her fiancée while dreading the answer.

The Latina innocently shrugs: “Nothing. I was being the ultimate sweet girl.”

“And by that you mean you were being an asshole,” Amy clarifies, remembering the previous occasions when Alex used those exact words.

“Maybe,” she admits sweetly.

The blonde pokes her shoulder and rolls her eyes dramatically. Poor Christopher.

“You are so rude,” she emphasizes.

“Well, I’m sorry. What am I supposed to do, give him the number of one of my supermodel friends after he comes storming at me, just to make him feel better?”

Alex is seriously trying to be the good guy here.

“Well, I would be happy with that if you stole my girlfriend,” Amy jokes.

But Alex reacts offended and crosses her arms defensively: “I didn’t steal you. You practically threw yourself at my feet.”

Normally, Amy would object to the choice of words. She raises her finger to accuse her better part, but stops herself before the first word leaves her mouth.


They hook arms and decide to walk in the opposite direction of the ex-boyfriend. Mainly because Amy fears another confrontation. One that battles with Alex Ochoa always loses. She learned that the hard way.

“What did you see in him?” Alex suddenly wonders out loud. “I mean, he’s cute and he’s probably really smart. But what was it, that drew you to him?”

Amy expected this to pop up somewhere today. Alex always accuses her of being the curious one, but she’s so wrong.

“Well, if you must know and I know you must: when I recovered from the initial shock that you weren’t coming back, I got overwhelmed by a whirlwind of emotions. I told myself that there had to be someone as special like you, someone that could make me feel this way. Because you would have to be magical and privileged if no other person on this entire planet had the same effect on me. So I went searching, kissed a few girls and boys – hoping I’d stop missing you. In the meantime your face popped up everywhere, hovering over some gorgeous models’ bodies and I got jealous just thinking about you being around so many breathtakingly beautiful creatures. Just thinking about you kissing someone else made me irrationally enraged. And then I stopped seeing you everywhere. And time went by and I met Christopher and he wasn’t that bad. He was sweet, compassionate, caring, … I knew he wasn’t going to walk out on me. So I settled for less than magical. I settled for normal.”

Alex remains quiet and impressed for a second. But then her normal funny-or-die mood kicks in and she mischievously starts to smile.

He wasn’t that bad? Seriously? Poor you. Wanna – um – go home so I can apologize?” she teases her lover.

“Don’t you need to be at that meeting super early in the morning?”

But Alex doesn’t live by the hours of an alarm. She decides what time it is, when she’ll show up and the world follows her lead.

All of a sudden, she feels really sorry for Christopher. Because he had her and she was taken away. There’s nothing he could do about it. What if the same had happened to her? Alex knows what it is to lose Amy. It isn’t pretty. In fact, it’s the worst thing in the world. She got her back. Christopher didn’t.

She fucks Amy’s brains out that night. She makes her orgasm against the wall, on the floor, on the kitchen counter and in the shower until Amy can no longer feel her legs. In an effort to prove just how magnificently connected she feels with her long lost lover, she totally works her magic. She goes hard, only to make Amy scream “harder”.

“How did we end up on a beach in Mexico again?”

Amy stares into the sunny, sandy distance that is called a beach. It’s so hot today that even her bikini feels like an overdressed option. Next to her, though, is Alex. The girl is trying really hard not to sweat. It’ll ruin her makeup and the stylists will kill her if that happens.

“Last minute job, babe. It’s the way the cookie crumbles …”

The mystery lingers over her lips while she keeps fanning herself with a little electrical propeller. Luckily, this isn’t a clothing job. Bikini and bathing suits. Pictures in the ocean and next to the pool. In Mexico. Couldn’t be better.

“You call the model that supposed to pull this off falling down a three-story building a crumbling cookie?”

Alex looks her way and hesitates before nodding.

“It’s not like I pushed her or anything,” she defends herself. “Why would anyone ever climb on top of a roof and dangle over the fence?”

Amy, playing around with the smartphone she has to hold since a bikini with pockets hasn’t been invented yet, bites her lower lip and frowns: “Because that someone was as high as a kite and decided to test whether or not she could fly.”

As the crew works hard to get everything into place for the next part of the shoot, Alex muses over the facts. Well, at least the accident made one of them happier.

The girls haven’t seen each other all week. So flying Amy over to this paradise seemed like the perfect opportunity to romance her. It’s hard sometimes, with Alex going back and forth between New York and London all the time. Insert the vacation destinations for strikingly beautiful photoshoots and going home to see her family every few weeks, there’s not much time left for relationship intermezzos. Sure, it’s an exceptionally busy moment in their careers. It’s not easy to clear their schedules at the same time. Amy has a job too- not exactly a nine to five arrangement. Doesn’t stop them from trying, though.

“I love how you can easily order me to fly over and see you in Mexico. Seriously, who does that?”

Alex smirks over Amy’s comment and sneaks up on her to kiss her softly on the side of her lips: “Alex Ochoa does.”

One of the makeup artists calls out her name. She’s not allowed to kiss her girlfriend right now. It’ll destroy her lips. Alex rolls her eyes.

Though it’s officially too warm to remain this close to each other, the girls can’t help themselves and fight their biological thermometer. The model’s eyes wander to the blonde’s lips. They look just as kissable as they prove to be. A few fans have gathered behind the barrier tape that’s meant to keep them away from the set. They are calling out both of their names. Ever since word got out that Amy and Alex are tying the knot in the near future, they became a famous pair. Junior Brangelina. Except with lesbians. Amy just thinks it’s weird that people recognize her all the time. Being a celebrity was never her dream. That’s why she’s standing at the other side of the camera when it comes to the showbiz aspect of her job. Alex waves at the bystanders and smiles politely. She loves the attention. The two of them can be so different sometimes. As soon as they notice that Alex is paying attention to them, the fans start taking pictures. Just a few minutes ago, she went over there to hand out some autographs. But the number has multiplied, so it’s better not to go back again. It’d be crazy.

“Do you want a selfie with a Victoria’s Secret Angel?” she suddenly suggests, after tapping the phone Amy’s holding.

She suggestively wiggles her eyebrows and acts like she’s granting Amy a dying wish.

“Duh,” Amy cheerfully plays along.

A soon as the words have come out, Alex nods quite sure of herself: “I knew it.”

Sometimes she forgets that not every person in the world would kill to take a picture with her. But it makes Amy laugh that Alex treats her like a fan sometimes, even if it’s for giggles. Disobeying the makeup artists’s guidelines again, they kiss lovingly while the camera takes a picture of them. While parting, the blonde heaves a delighted sigh. Her skin is trembling. And when she opens her eyes again, she finds Alex staring into them with a look that makes her fall in love with her all over again.

“God, we are so adorable it’s nauseating,” Amy smiles amusingly.

Alex agrees while pulling Amy even closers toward her: “I know, right. People must hate us.”

Sure, that’s why there are about twenty fan pages dedicated to their relationship.

“I’d hate us,” Amy growls while picturing someone else behaving like they do. “Except I love us.”

Her fiancée rolls her eyes and scoffs: “Charming.”

Their skins are sticky due to the hotness in this place. Being so close together doesn’t help. Alex feels how Amy pushes her crotch upwards on purpose. She snickers nervously and brings her lips close to Amy’s ears.

“Stop it,” she whispers.

But Amy’s in a playful mood. She wraps her arms around Alex’s divine waist and applies pressure to the cute, round butt she’s holding onto. These bikinis make it way too easy. Alex heats up in seconds and she carefully throws her eyes around the place. Nobody’s noticing a thing, not even the fans. They are too far away. The girls’ breathing enhances and it makes them both smile mischievously. Alex’s eyes are begging her to stop.

“Want to know a secret?” Amy teases.

Her fiancée looks up to her with aroused eyes and nods.

“I’m going to have exhausting, sweaty, hot sex with a Victoria’s Secret Angel at the balcony of my hotel room in a few hours,” she tells her, just too get her all worked up.

The charmingly impressed Alex is requested at one of the setups and that makes the Latina literally jump away from her lover. With a gentle stroke over Amy’s bare back, she says goodbye. By the time her job is done and the most gorgeous shots of the most gorgeous parts of her bodies are taken, she heads back to the hotel where Amy is waiting near the pool. When she walks over to her, she finds her passionately reading a book. She’s so absorbed in the story that she fails to recognize her top model fiancée. A familiar voice makes her look up, though.

“I want to get married. I want to get married to you. I want you to wake up every morning and think: yes, it was the right thing to do!”

Alex is holding her smartphone in front of her face while she reads the text that Amy just send her out loud. It sounds like she’s ridiculing the rhyming, but at the same time, she thinks it’s adorable.

“So, I’ve been thinking,” Amy elaborates while putting the book aside and sitting up straight.

She pulls Alex down next to her and kisses her collarbone. It always makes the Latina smile like crazy because it’s too cute. Amy’s hiding something, she notices it in the sparkle in her eyes.

“Did it hurt?” she teases.

Amy throws her a vicious look and breathes through her teeth: “Surprisingly not.”

After readjusting her sunglasses, she drops the annoyed act and starts smiling.

“Anyway. This is the perfect place to waste time. It’s magical over here. This hotel is beautiful. The staff is so sweet. You have a few more days off. The weather is working wonders with my body.”

She proudly points out the red tanning marks on her skin, which makes Alex grin like a fool. Her fingers quickly trace up Amy’s bare legs and the blonde slaps them away before they reach their goal.

“So I was thinking: wouldn’t this be the ideal moment to get married?”

Sure, the girls haven’t exactly done a lot of wedding planning up to this point, even though Alex proposed to Amy nearly a year ago now. Alex’s a bit surprised by the sudden suggestion, though.

“Amy, you’re kidding, right? I mean, I’d love to. I’d marry you in that bikini on this sun bed if we could.”

Her eyes roll up and down the body of her fiancée and more than ever, she trusts the level of seriousness drenching her own words.

“But I want my family to be there when I promise you forever. That’s really important to me.”

Amy starts smiling and twists her head funnily: “I know that.”

Her mysterious attitude intrigues the Latina.

“What did you do?”

Looking like a kid that just got caught after stealing candy, the blonde’s eyes fire up with mischief.

“I invited them all,” she confesses.


Alex’s jaw drops. She quickly scouts the place but doesn’t recognize a single person around.

“They are up in their rooms, getting ready.”

Alex too baffled to think rationally, starts to stutter: “Ready for what?”

“For the wedding ceremony that approximately twenty freaked out staff members are organizing right now,” Amy nervously admits.

“What?” Alex repeats herself.

Right now, she’s in shock. After thinking about it for a while, she’s sure: yep, shock.

“I called the hotel on the way over here. And then I called my parents and your crazy pack of wolves,” she smirks. “Given, I was pretty sure you’d be in for it.”

Trying to remind herself to breathe, Alex keeps staring in front of her. But suddenly, she starts to smile – right after realizing just how amazing all of it is.

“Well, let’s get married then, right?” she concludes, like it’s the most normal thing in the world.

“Are you sure about marrying this girl?”

Alex checks herself out in the mirror. She’s wearing the most gorgeous pantsuit she’s ever worn. Of course, every girl is supposed to think as much about her wedding outfit. But it’s true: she radiates happiness just by seeing it. The top looks like a bustier. It’s white. It’s strapless and tight. Her high heels are golden. Amy knows exactly what she likes – this is utter perfection.

Behind her, George might be just as nervous as his little girl. She smirks over his concern and knows just as well that it was the most overrated question ever.

“I’ve never been happier than when I’m with her, dad,” she talks through the mirror. “And I’ve never been sadder when I wasn’t. Marrying her makes complete sense. It’s math.”

He knows that. Of course he knows that. There was just a part of him that needed to ask.

“You look gorgeous, Alex. I haven’t seen a woman that beautiful since your mom on our wedding day,” he tells her.

She thanks him with a soft, melancholic smile and turns around.

“I’m going to get married,” she suddenly realizes a full hundred percent while she wiggles her fists. “Today. In a couple of minutes. It’s my wedding day.”

She heaves an exited sigh and chuckles.

“I’m nervous, daddy. But in a good way. I’m nervous because I can’t wait to start forever.”

The guy is dressed up nicely. He’s wearing his best suit. When Amy called with the idea of flying them over, he immediately loved it. She’s his other daughter, you see. The one he got for free. No one else would ever be good enough for his little girl.

“I know none of this is planned, but I do get to walk you down the isle, right?” he wonders out loud.

Alex puffs away the wrecking trembling rushing through her body and promises he can. He takes her hand and tears up by the sight of her. Then he walks her out of the room, to make their way over to the beach. Sun is starting to set and it’s still warm – just a lot more pleasant than it was a couple of hours ago. The hotel has lit about a hundred candles that lead her to the little alter that is covered with white drapes. It looks absolutely beautiful. Almost as beautiful as the girl standing in front of it. Amy makes her heart stop the second her stunning appearance catches her attention. The world around her fades while her father escorts her to the front of the alter. The blonde is wearing a cute, short lace dress. It has sparkling decorations all over it. The shape is frivolous and kind of reminds Alex of a country look. Her feet aren’t squirmed into tight heels, but carry the most adorable white cowboy boots.

Amy’s parents sit in front of the left row of chairs. They look so proud. So honored to be part of this event. Behind them, there’s a gathering of models Alex is way too familiar with. Julia Danes, Kathy McGrath and Silvie Vermeer are all lined up to witness the spectacle. Next to them: Susan. Ecstatic to the bone. She already took three selfies with them.

On the other side of the isle, there’s the pack of wolves, as Amy likes to call them. David and Eli sit in the front row, together with Eli’s beloved girlfriend Jessy. Behind them, Alex finds uncle Aaron and her granddad Nicholas, gloating with pride. She loves her pack. The men that raised her with all the flaws and best intentions a couple of guys can come up with. Even Rick has joined them. Seriously, there are far too little women in her family.

Her emotional father gives her away and entwines the hands of his favorite girls before kissing the enthusiastic Amy on the forehead. She thanks him and smiles proudly when her eyes flare up at her bride to be. Alex look dashing. Even more than usual. Must be the glow of happiness completely taking control of her. The officiator walks over to them and welcomes all the guests for gathering here. Alex looks up to him and raises a mischievous smirk. He winks at her. The guests listen to the man’s heartwarming speech. Meanwhile, Amy and Alex just act like nervous puppies around each other. They can’t decide whether they should cry of laugh over their emotions. So to make sure they don’t miss any important feeling, they do both. After the common starting speech of the man conducting the wedding ceremony, it’s their turn to say their vows. Unlike Amy, Alex has had little time to think about it. But it’s easy when it comes to expressing her love for the blond girl. When you’ve been in love with someone from the first time you saw each other in kindergarten, it’s not hard to translate that into words.

“My beautiful, beautiful Amy,” she starts, while softly giggling over her own level of sincerity.

Amy scrunches her nose over the adorableness happening in front of her. This is too real too grownup.

“I might be a model,” Alex amusingly brags, “but you’re the one that drives me. See, you are my runway, the path that leads me to places I’ve never been before. You are the exhilarating feeling that makes me nervous every step of the way. You are the wings they put on my shoulders, because sometimes when I look at you, I am convinced that I can fly. You are the force that keeps me from tripping as I try my best not to fall on my face, because no matter what: I know you’re here to catch me.”

The people around them start laughing, just like Amy. Except she’s got tears in her eyes. Pure joy overwhelms her. Alex is not done yet. There’s so much to say and there aren’t enough words in the dictionary to express it all.

“You are the light that shines down on me and the movements of my arms and legs. You are the artist that makes me feel pretty and loved. You are the whole reason why I gloat whenever I do. Because there’s not a single person in the world that makes me feel happier, more alive, more safe than you do. And every photoshoot, every catwalk run, every time I stare into a camera, I express my love for you – I exhale my undeniable adoration and affection when I picture you inside of my head. You are the very best thing that ever happened to me. And I just can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you. Because no matter what, we always seem to find our way back to each other.”

Amy’s hands are trembling, but Alex is holding them firmly, assuring her of her presence. She quickly puts one hand on Amy’s cheek, to wipe away a beautiful tear. She hadn’t noticed just how nice the blonde’s hair is pulled back into a high dot that’s decorated with a string of braided hair. Her little cute veil perfects the hairdo.

“So I guess that this whole speech doesn’t exactly contain real vows. Because, really, I suck at keeping promises,” Alex jokes, though she’s serious at the same time. “I could promise to never lie to you or never hurt you. But you know me: it’ll probably happen a couple of times, by accident.”

Amy is carrying the cutest smile in the history of the world. It’s rudely true and she wouldn’t want her any other way.

“I guess I can vow that I’ll love you until infinity – because that’s exactly what’ll happen – if that is good enough for you. But in all honesty: I don’t need vows. I just need you.”

Her lady lover presses her lips tightly on top of each other and nods all emotional while Alex slips a beautiful, white gold ring over her finger. She thinks it’s perfect. They look at each other like they’re about to kiss. Except they can’t yet. The man standing next to them reminds them of that little fact. David lovingly smiles over it, while Alex mocks the guy for a second.

“My lovely Alex,” Amy takes over with a trembling voice. “You are right: today I’m marrying a supermodel. An actual Angel. So, naturally, I win at life.”

Amy smirks proudly and Alex follows her lead. The models centered behind Amy’s parents shrugs self-confidently for jokes and wink at the people staring at them. David has his eyes set on Julia, though. He thinks she’s gorgeous. Ever since he first saw her all those years ago. A very attentive Susan is noticing. She’s making mental notes.

“But I’m also marrying the love of my life,” Amy resumes and elaborates. “And most importantly: my best friend. The one that has protected me ever since I was five years old. The one that helped me to achieve goals and follow my dreams. The one that made me realize that falling in love is the best feeling in the world. You are the better part of me, Alex. Without you, I always feel like there’s something missing. Because I’m only me when I’m with you. You are my heart. You stole a kiss from me in 2009 and ever since that moment you’ve been trying really hard to pay me back. Never stop, please.”

Alex shakes her head. She won’t. The blonde thinks about making promises as well. Because vows should contain something you can always use as leverage in a fight, or when you try to win a discussion with a valid argument. Or, you know, when you’re thinking about giving up. At least, that’s what Alex claims. She licks her upper lip and squeezes Alex fingers to remind her this is actually really happening. She’s getting married. And nothing about it feels weird or scary.

“I promise to forever watch Disney movies with you when you don’t feel like going to one of those celebrity parties. And each and every time you ask me, I’ll prepare you breakfast in bed, with Nutella chocolate spread on your toasts. I promise to always be in love with you, no matter what. And that I’ll take care of you and never walk out on you – not even when you’re being a bitch.”

Suddenly, she’s awkwardly reminded by the fact that a officiated man is standing nearby and she puts an apologetic hand in front of her mouth. But Alex couldn’t be more moved. Insulting a servant of God by expressing your love for your sapphic lover – it doesn’t get any better than that. Amy’s nervous fingers slide the exact replica of her own ring over Alex’s fingers. It sparkles in the last rays of sunshine.

“I love you,” Alex whispers sweetly, still not believing how much effort she put into all of this.

Amy is aware of how much she adores the sound of her voice.

“I love you too,” she tells her.

Before being technically allowed to do so, the girls kiss. Passionately, desirable, hot, fiercely. And it feels even more magical than normal.

When the model walks in with a couple of wine bottles in her hand, she accidentally runs into her wife. Oh, the sound of that word runs shivers down her spine. In a good way, of course.

“We’re having a cheese and wine night,” she explains, while innocently looking into the dazzlingly enchanting blue eyes.

Sure, the lack of planning shows. It’s not like Alex had a say in any of it. So they came up with their own rendition of a wedding reception. Like: one day after the actual wedding. Last night, after the ceremony, they all just partied until sunrise on the beach. And instead of a usual, formal dinner, they used some artistic freedom to insert their own interpretation of a lovely night with friends and family this evening.

“Where’s the cheese?” Amy amusingly notices the poverty of dairy.

But Alex is quick to answer her with a firm belief that she’ll get excused.

“In all fairness: I came unprepared. But I’ve got wine. Lots of it. The hotel will take care of the rest.”

She’s wearing a dress her father would never approve of. Probably the only reason she’s wearing it in the first place. It’s red. It’s tiny. It accentuates all the parts a father hopes no one will ever notice. Amy is already feeling aroused, and they haven’t even touched each other yet.

“You are dead-cute,” Amy tells her.

She’s overcome with love. It consumes her – kept her up all night. Well, so did Alex, of course. Not that she’s complaining. It was quite a pleasure, actually. Wedding nights are awesome.

“Am I?”

“Yes,” the blonde nods in all seriousness. “Sorry for being so brutally honest.”

“That’s okay,” Alex shrugs. “I’ve heard that one before.”

Amy takes some of the bottles so they can divide the delicious liquor. As they make their way over to the cosy room where their friends and family have gathered, the silence is caused by shamelessly staring at each other and drowning in sets of eyes that express the deep amount of love they posses.

When they walk through the majestic doors, the guests start applauding and the girls sheepishly ask them to stop embarrassing them. Of course, Susan takes the lead in all the noise.

There’s fun and music. They dance and laugh. They all act like complete fools in paradise. It’s perfect. It’s just as joyful as a wedding party is supposed to be. Even if it’s a day late.

“Sometimes I think I don’t tell you how much I love you enough.”

Alex swirls Amy around during their little improvised wedding reception and enjoys the dance way too much.

Her wife disagrees, though: “You do, every single day. Not necessarily with words, but it’s in everything you do and the way you smile at me. You tell me every day.”

She can’t believe they got married. Here, on a beach, less than twenty four hours ago. It was the best idea she ever had. And now she’s married. She’s married to the love of her life. Alex feels the same.

“You will be so hot, pregnant,” Alex suddenly informs her.

Clearly, she has been fantasizing about the future. It’s her favorite thing to do.

“You’ll be the hottest mommy-to-be. You’ll shine in the dark, have this incredible glow, grow as much as you’ll increase knowledge and pride. You’ll be the most breathtaking MILF the world has ever seen. No doubt about it.”

Amy feels intrigued by her assumptions. It seems nice, sharing a pregnancy with Alex.

“We’re going to have kids?”

The model nods. It’ll all planned out in her head.

“Yes. But we have all the time in the world for that. First, I want to enjoy you.”

Amy reminds her of their last little encounter with a dirty smile: “You did, for hours last night. Remember?”

Oh, does she. It was so hot. And sweaty. And sexy. Oh – here come are the shivers.

When her father steps in to ask for a dance, Alex can’t accept the request fast enough. She has always loved dancing with her father. They had to give up the swing routine a long time ago. This dancing is something no one outgrows, though. Plus, it’s mandatory to dance with your old man on your wedding. Even if it’s improvised, with a woman instead of a man and somewhere in Mexico. Amy decides to copy the behavior and grabs her father, William, by the arm. In the middle of the room, Julia has been dancing with David all night. She broke up with her loser boyfriend after the catwalk fiasco. Since then, better examples of manhood cross her path daily. But nobody ever gets as enchanted as David when he looks at her. She like that about him.

“I hate that dress,” George suddenly points out.

His daughter lets him lead, which is weird because normally, when she’s dancing with Amy, she’s the leader.

“That’s why I’m wearing it,” she smirks kind of to get a rise out of him.

He’s amused. As always. Not even this old fart can change the mind of the goddess he created.

The music gets louder and the moves grow more rhythmical. Father and daughter kiss and hug before letting go of each other. That’s when the pleasantries start. Alex and Amy roam the place, saying hi and thanks to everyone that cleared their schedules to be there. Only Alexander Dubrov couldn’t join them. He promised to make up for that later.

The hotel employees walk by, holding trays of little shots to hand out to the guests.

While passing each other briefly, the girls giggle over the busy night they are having. Amy strokes Alex bare arm softly, to make sure she’ll stop walking for a while. Its lingering touch makes Alex smile.

“Tequila tasting by the hotel,” she says in a very serious voice, like it’s a tragedy. “I’m afraid that after a few more shots, I’ll want to go down on you in public. So keep an eye on me – and my bra.”

But that aren’t exactly things that get Amy worried. In fact, part of her won’t even mind.

“This is turning me on so badly,” she whispers back.

Alex is holding one of the empty glasses she downed a couple of seconds ago. This shit is epic. Much better than the things you buy in stores.

“I could eat you,” Alex confesses, while her eyes travel down Amy’s perfect body.

It sounds more like a promise. That cute, blue dress her wife is wearing isn’t helping.

“Sexually or violently?” Amy wonders.

The sparks in Alex’s eyes don’t lie. It flatters her wife to the level that she wishes someone would’ve overheard this conversation. Secretly, though, so she wouldn’t have to talk about it.

“A little bit of both if you don’t mind.”

Amy smirks: “I don’t.”

The fingers of the Latina caress the sensitive skin of Amy’s bare knees. They are sneaky enough to crawl upwards a little bit. Not that anyone around notices, though. But Amy’s nerves make her painfully aware.

“Stop turning me on, this is not the moment,” Amy stresses, suddenly realizing how hot she’s getting.

“Oh come on, I have made it my duty to turn you on at the most inappropriate moments,” Alex defends herself.

It’s true, she’s making a game out of it. One she’s used to winning.

“You should have a little bit more respect for me,” the blonde informs her with a teasing smile.

But Alex holds herself in high esteem: “Trust me, sometimes I have too much respect for you.”

They end up sneaking away from their own wedding reception to make out in their hotel room. It’s big, like, massively big and the romantic lighting sets the perfect mood for them to make love like newlyweds are supposed to. It might just be a simple ring and an official paper, but being married feels so good. It’s like their entire connection grew even intimate. The panting grows heavier and the exotic temperatures nearly liquifies their skin as their tongues battle each other for dominance. Alex licks her wife from head to toe and experiences her perfect taste. She loves this, being so close to Amy. It’s not about the sex per se, it’s more about the undisturbed sensation of their privacy. How the blonde’s body keeps surprising her, time after time. She loves the expressions on Amy’s face when her fingers please her. She gets hypnotized by the sounds leaving the editor’s mouth when she goes down on her. Their bodies are made to be this close to each other. It’s magical how at ease they are in bed, how simple it is to please the other. Amy cups Alex’s face with both hands and uncontrollably grinds up to her wife’s crotch. She loves the sight of the Latina on top of her. Every single time she moves, her body gets set into motion. The lighting – or lack of – throws shadows over her that make her look even more divine that she already is. Amy has never had a better lover that Alex. No person even came close. Boy or girl.

The girls are nearly deafened by their own moaning and groaning. The tension building up inside of them starts to feel agonizing. Like they are about to explode with frustration, with sexual firework.

It feels so fucking good to make love to each other.

After their passionate expression of love and arousal, they climb under the sheets to cool off and regain their consciousness.

“That was …”

Alex is still panting. Amy agrees by nodding.

“It was.”

They lie closely for the next couple of minutes and caress each other’s skin lovingly. Suddenly, the door of their room opens. It’s granddad, confusingly on the search for the back-up battery of Alex’s camera. He doesn’t even really notice the girls. In fact, he could fool himself into thinking they are taking a nap if he did discover them. Alex sits up straight, in shock, and holds the sheets in place so her grandfather won’t see too much of her – or her wife. She refrains from talking, though, while Nicholas just keeps going through some drawers with his back turned toward them. It’s like he doesn’t even mind that they are here.

Amy has buried herself under the covers, close to bursting into hysterical laughter. But out of nowhere, Eli saves the day. He walks in, ignores the newlyweds – though he is well aware of their presence because he’s covering his sight – and goes straight for his slightly intoxicated grandfather. After grabbing him by the hand, he drags him along toward the exit. Just before leaving the room, Eli’s apologetic rambling takes place and that’s when the girls’ funny laughter appears.

“Oh, my God!” Amy shrieks with joyful tears rolling down her cheeks.

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