AA-meetings – Chapter 5: Aching Desire

 Aching desire


Word’s going around about Alex’s first big photoshoot. Any second now and her face will be glued all over town. Any second and hell will break lose in this school over it. She’s always been one of the popular girls, but this will bring it to a whole new level. The girl can’t wait for what’s next concerning her career. That feeling of an entire crew being at your disposal, just to get one perfect shot – it’s amazing. Modeling is, weirdly enough, hard work. You can spend hours waiting time before you even get on set – before the client, the model and the photographer are pleased about the result. She doesn’t mind, though. She could stare at the lens and take positions for an eternity. Just like she could stare into Amy’s eyes for just as long.

Yesterday, they attended a rather illegal party at a friend’s house. There was alcohol involved and a dark basement. Funny how, when parents leave for the weekend, kids really act like party animals. It was fun. It was crazy. It was the worst decision ever.

Amy and Alex walk around the schoolyard, both wearing sunglasses to hide from the sunlight. Their backpacks seems heavier than usual. So do their clothes. Even their eyelids.

“Fuck. I can’t believe this. I drank so much water last night. I shouldn’t be this hungover,” Alex proclaims.

But instead of laughing over it, her girlfriend agrees: “Yeah, it’s weird. You had like two drinks and you were wasted. But then again, you haven’t eaten in days.”

A protest gets launched rapidly, completely suppressing the cuteness of Amy watching her eat: “It’s not that I don’t want to. I just haven’t been feeling well.”

Her pouting lips appears and it’s too dead cute for Amy to resist. She bends over and kisses the girl on the side of her lips, for everyone to see. They don’t care. This doesn’t bother them at all. Their sunglasses bump into each other, which makes them smile.

“I am about ninety nine percent sure I had my hands in someone’s bra,” Alex growls, trying to suppress the agonizing headache. “And let me tell you: it wasn’t mine.”

Alex wiggles her eyebrows suggestively and starts blushing: “It was mine.”

They softly, suggestively smooch again and it makes both the girls shiver.

“You should’ve seen you while you were playing spin the bottle. I swear to God, you were like a magnet attracting that thing. You kissed everyone,” Amy proceeds recalling the events of the night. “I think I even have some footage of that on my phone.”

Alex chuckles, barely remembering a thing. Her bestie is right: maybe it wasn’t smart to drink without having a proper dinner. It’s just that she and her health have been having some problems lately. This is so not the time for her to pick up the flu. Everything is going so well: she has another photoshoot lined up tomorrow. And a day later, another company has asked her to audition. She’s just tired. It’s an exhausting combination of school and work for the moment.

Just as Amy’s about to wrap her arms completely love-fooled around her girl, a classmate walks up to them and calls out Alex’s name. They both turn their heads, annoyed because of the interference. Can’t they just kiss without being disturbed?

It’s Caitlyn, Alex’s lab partner. Immediately, the Latina starts sighing dramatically.

“Fuck, is this about yesterday? Did I kiss your boyfriend too? Because I’m sorry if I did but I can’t remember shit. Man, girls are being a bitch to me all day long already,” she complains, while excusing herself at the same time.

Caitlyn plays around with her brown hair for a moment before answering. She looks over to the both of them and utters a genuine look of confusion.

”What? No! Wait, I thought you were gay?”

Her fingers point to Amy, who refrains from bursting into laughter.

“I am,” Alex explains, “it’s just – sometimes drunk me forgets that sober me likes girls.”

Amy intercepts the joke before it gets taken serious: “We played spin the bottle last night. Some girls didn’t really like that she kissed their boyfriends.”

Alex shrugs. This is no news to her. Kissing someone has always brought her into trouble. It’s in her nature to want something someone else already has. Caitlyn clacks her tongue and raises a disturbed eyebrow before facing Alex again.

Anyway, why I’m here for. I just wanted to congratulate you,” she says, carrying a weirded out smile about the whole conversation.

“For what?”

Alex doesn’t seem to catch up. Then, the girl offers her a copy of a magazine. They take off their sunglasses. Inside, on page number twelve, Alex finds herself staring at the selected picture from the photoshoot, where she joyously presents the new hair shampoo of L’Oréal. An enormous sense of pride overwhelms her. She did it. She looks absolutely gorgeous in the shot. With shaking hands and tearing eyes, she tries to memorize this very moment: the first time she ever laid eyes on her first professional campaign picture. Amy helps her by snapping a picture.

“Wow. Thank you, Caitlyn. This is … Can I keep it?” she rambles.

The girl agrees and congratulates her once more before leaving them behind. Amy leans over her girlfriend’s shoulder to admire the great work she did and can’t stop gasping.

“I have a supermodel girlfriend. Maybe I should ask you to marry me right now, before you skip town with Heidi Klum.”

Alex softly smiles, still silenced by her own accomplishment and bliss, when a nearby fellow student lifts his hand and waves at her. Alex, never the one to turn down a sexual being, smirks her most attractive smirk and waves back, which makes the guy blush. He walks over to her and with wanting eyes, he inspects her from head to toe. Alex seems to like it and asks him what’s on his mind. The known football player, Ben, tries to act cool as he invites her to check out practice later tonight but it’s obvious how much he had to work himself up to come and talk to her. The second he looks over to Amy, her demolishing and threatening expression scares him off.

“We already have plans tonight,” she snaps. “We’re going to watch movies over at my place.”

Ben’s green eyes frown before they point back to the gorgeous lady in front of him. She mesmerizes everyone around her, as always. Becoming a model will only make that worse. Because she doesn’t want to think Amy and she are weirdos, especially since Amy is acting like one, she just puts her hands on top of his upper arm and excuses herself, telling him she promised Amy already. After a smooth ‘that’s a shame’, he walks off. She winks at him before turning around to face her girlfriend. But Amy looks agitates as hell. This is such typical Alex behavior.

“Why’d you do that?” Amy then asks in a grumpy way.

Unaware about the level of subconscious flirting she carries of, Alex shrugs innocently: “He looked cute being all nervous to ask me over. I couldn’t help myself.”

The other one remains silent and has a hard time getting rid of a nagging, jealous feeling.

“Why did you do that?” Alex strikes back the question.

Some fingers point at the angry face that’s being shown and Alex tries to reenact the deadly look Amy demonstrated a second ago.

But there’s full denial going on: “What?”

While putting the magazine in her back, the newly discovered model goes on explaining what just happened.

“You practically scared him away, made sure I’d come over to your place and not his. I know what you are doing, Amy,” she states cocksure.

But instead of being mad about it, she winks to accompany her smooth smirk. Amy turns away, completely ignoring what she just said, but suddenly remembers a part of the explanation.

“Oh, did you want to go to his place then? So, what, you wanna date him?”

The green monster is getting a hold of her, that’s for sure. Alex thinks it’s so cute. The fierceness in sweet, gentle Amy’s eyes is such a turn on. They entwine hands and the worked up blonde seems to soften up.

“No, I don’t want to date him,” Alex tells her explicitly.

“Why not?”

“Why not?” Alex repeats while ridiculing the words that came out almost disappointed. “Because I wanna date you. And I think it’s dead cute when you get jealous over some stupid boy. It’s flattering, really, you wanting me all to yourself.”

Amy, not denying the fact that she’s jealous, shrugs hesitantly: “Maybe you just see me as a friend.”

Alex cups the cutest face ever, bends over and kisses her friend passionately for four hot seconds. It takes Amy’s breathe away. Literally: her lips are trembling.

“Do your friends kiss you like that?”

A recovering, heated up Amy steps back and thinks about it: “Not all of them.”

Alex pokes her with her index finger and replaces the backpack over her shoulder before walking along. But as they pass the principal’s building and silence has become the head player in their game, Amy stops to face Alex again and nervously changes her entire attitude.

“Just laugh at me all you want. See, you might not have figured it all out, but it’s actually very simple, Alex. If you keep going to boys, I’ll never be able to help you find it …”

Frowning happens while curiosity rises above: “Find what?”

They are blue today, with the sun shining bright, as her eyes pierce deeply into Alex’s soul.

“True love,” Amy softly explains.

She winks at her and has a look around to check how many people are staring at them. Ten, this far. They are all holding the same magazine. Guess hell is starting to break loose.

“We should go to class,” Alex suggests, still swooning over the romantic comment.

Still, she wants to make something crystal clear before they head to class. Yes, she flirts with people. Yes, it drives Amy crazy. But it means nothing to her. Not a single thing. Her hand finds Amy’s and she presses it closely to her heart. It’s racing, but only because she’s staring at the most gorgeous person she’s ever seen.

“Look, I don’t remember birthdays. I forget your favorite dessert and I am terrible when it comes to handling family in law, as you’re about to find out. But I am madly in love with you. That circles through my mind 24/7. And I am not afraid of kissing you in public or holding your hand. I am afraid that you will hurt me – that one day, you’ll fall out of love with me and walk away. And I’ll be the one lying on the ground, crying her eyes out.”

The heartwarming confession makes Amy stop breathing for a while and she blinks a few times before words even can be formulated in her mouth.

“I won’t do that,” she promises.

But doubt has always been a secret killer: “How do you know that?”

For the first time, they’ve been this fragile about their relationship. They were best friends for years. Though this seems a natural development, there are no rules, no strict boundaries. Are they exclusively dating or just fooling around? Is this the way their connection was supposed to end up, because it feels like it does and they both want it so very much that it scares them.

“Because you are the girl that always gets what she wants, remember?” Amy explains, somehow finding truth in that ancient old phrase Alex always gets thrown at.

Her hand is still positioned on the beating of Alex’s heart and the two of them look at it for a while before considerate analyzing makes the sixteen-year-old diva open her mouth.

“Well, I don’t want anyone if it isn’t you.”

Everyone at the schoolyard is staring at them. The recently discovered model and her loyal best friend. They are Amy and Alex, the inseparable twins. And they are kissing, in the middle of all the teenage turmoil, because it is, in fact, the most natural thing in the world to them.


A sleepover has evolved to a full-blown make out session. The big explosion of Alex’s premiere and past few photoshoots are lingering as they are feeling each other up sexually. Once again, the house is deserted and instead of spending the evening over at Amy’s, as planned, a quiet night together seemed such a better idea than hogging the couch next to Amy’s parents. They are over the part where they softly kiss each other with an utter sense of love. Right now, hands are everywhere – mostly grabbing boobs – and teasing the insides of thighs in the dark room is a reflex. An aroused panting reverberates through their mouths as they forcefully push their bodies against each other. They didn’t plan this. An hour ago, they set up everything to watch a movie together. Normally, Alex goes through some fashion magazines while Amy devotedly analyzes every little part of a classic film nobody of their generation watches anymore. She’s so determined to succeed as an editor later, it’s enough to drag Alex along with her obsession. But they accidentally stared at each other for too long and once Alex slowly started licking the tasty lips of her girlfriend, Amy’s restraint broke down immediately. An aching desire kicked in. In a natural series of events, the softness turned into hormonally driven desire. Aching feelings made fingers explore the places where you usually don’t touch your friends. But those two aren’t just friends anymore. They are crazy for being more – being in love and intimate. Amy starts pulling her partner’s shirt up, while their foreheads remain in contact for as long as possible. She’s panting, they both are actually, but it’s a nervousness taking over right now. They both know they are going to take this to a next level tonight. It just feels too good to stop and they are ready for it. Eleven years of friendship might count as a solid base to bring your relationship to the next level.

The background movie provides romantic music and once in a while, a character speaks its mind, but never for too long. Alex’s fingers run up and down Amy chest once she loses her shirt. All there’s left is a bra now, like in her last photoshoot, where she partnered up with the famous male model Greg Klein, who has appeared in over a hundred magazines. Alex was crazy nervous when she met him, but the impressive supermodel turned out to be a shy and introvert young man, seriously focused on the job. They made wonderful pictures together, though it took a while before the required chemistry fit into the story. Something about them didn’t click.

But the chemistry with Amy has no boundaries or delay. They set each other on fire unintentionally. Alex feels the soft breasts she has been dreaming of for weeks now. Even though the girls know everything about each other, they’ve respectively kept calm ever since they started kissing and fooling around a couple of weeks ago. They both spoke out on the desire to slowly approach things instead of jumping each other right away. It was hard, but they did it. Now, they’re sick of it. Now, they just want to get into the other one’s pants.

Amy crawls on top of her girlfriend and presses her lower body deep down. When a soft moan escapes her mouth as Alex massages the cheeks of her butt, the Latina nearly explodes. There’s a warmth and wetness between her legs that’s never been there before. Just hearing Amy’s voice so fragile and turned on does things to her body she can’t explain. Her hands slide back to the front of the blonde’s pants and they start unbuttoning the skinny jeans. She feels nervous and has to swallow to power through the anxiety of the moment. At the same time, Amy has left Alex’s mouth to kiss the upper side of her bra-wearing boobs. She sucks and licks the skin in such an educated way she must have dreamt about it before. Every once in a while, one of them smiles mischievous, which lightens up the mood. The girls are so ready to explore each other’s naked body until the break of dawn – there are no words for it. Alex wants to taste what Amy tastes like. And Amy will let her.

Until … in a flash, everything’s happening at once. The front door loudly opens and two laughing brothers storm up the stairs in a contest. They run past the half-open door of Alex’s room, conveniently forgetting to sneak inside and, by the sound of it, jump on top of Eli’s bed with all the much needed noise. The girls, startled by the surprise visit, remain seated on top of each other and gasp for air while all their movements abruptly stop. David’s voice reverberates and it’s been made clear that he’s on the search for his cousin. The love-fool girls quickly start gathering their lost clothes. Luckily, they haven’t gotten very far. Amy flattens her hair with both hands and sits down next to her girlfriend for a change. Just as the fabric of Alex’s shirt slides back over her upper body, David storms into the room, announcing his arrival. Luckily, it’s poorly lit and he can’t see just how flaming red and caught the girls look.

“Oh, Amy. You’re here. Well, of course you are. How are you?”

“We’re fine,” she nervously utters. “Just, you know, watching a movie.”

In that exact moment, she subtly wipes some of Alex saliva off her lower lip.

Fuck,” Alex growls, channeling her frustration. “Knock much?”

David looks at her and apologizes with pressing lips. Then, he knocks on the book shelf to his right, but Alex can’t appreciate the humor. Her cousin aims his sight at the television an recognizes the one that’s playing.

“I love that one!” he states, before diving in between them to watch along. An annoyed Alex crosses her arms as she buries the sexy plans she had in mind. If he hadn’t come home, she’d be doing a lot of nasty things to Amy’s body by now. Wouldn’t she love to do that! Now she’s just sitting in her bed, next to an ignorant cousin of hers and her gorgeously, sexually worked up girlfriend, who’s secretly buttoning up her pair of jeans. David doesn’t pick up on it. He just grabs a bag of chips located next to the bed and has a taste.

Just as Alex thought this evening couldn’t get any worse, an overly social Eli enters the room as well. He says hi and welcomes himself to the party. The boy takes a seat left from Alex and starts frowning while he spies an detail in the dark.

With a directing finger, he points out an anomaly: “You are wearing your shirt inside out.”

Alex’s expression turns into a desperately caught one and she swallows loudly while hoping Amy won’t burst into laughter. Luckily, the girl doesn’t, but she catches David looking her way with a mouth full of potato chips. He checks the facts and sees a label hanging down at the exterior of her outfit. To his right, there’s an overly amused Amy biting her lower lip, trying to keep a serious face. That’s when he puts one and one together and turns his head back toward the television, covered in shock. He repositions his body and crawls down on the ground next to the bed, because something tells him sexual things have been happening at the exact same spot he was seated. Eli follows his example and grants both of them some pillows laying around, only to bury his hand in the bag of potato chips a second later.

Alex still hasn’t moved a muscle. She’s feeling seriously hot, both from being turned on and almost getting caught. Also, she’s mad, because she really wanted to sleep with Amy. Luckily, the blonde has less problems with publicity and she dives under the sheets to cover both of them cosily. She leans her head on Alex’s shoulders after softly nibbling her earlobe in secret. Goosebumps take control over the Latina’s skin. Teasing should be illegal.

“You know,” Amy whispers barely noticeable. “we should take a selfie and remember this as the night we almost had sex for the first time.”

When they finally look at each other, sweetly wrapped up under the fabric, they burst into girlish giggling. Ironically, they actually take the shot. The cousins don’t even turn their heads around. They have become immune to AA-giggling around here. If only they’d learn how to knock. A mom would’ve learned them how to freaking knock.


It’s time. They’ve dreamt about it, they nearly truly did it. Now they need a plan to make it actually happen. It’s hard to be best friends who go to school together, share hobbies and are semi-secretly in love. Because every single time they get lost in the well-known game of staring for countless minutes straight, they ache for an hour alone, where the discovery of each other’s body will get to its climax. They’ve shared every emotion a person can experience. Anger, joy. Angst, trust. Love, hate. Desire, numbness. Now there’s only one left.

In this phase of their relationship, desire speaks the loudest. Alex dreams about the shape of her best friend’s body, the way her small boobs press against the fabric of her shirt and the sexy butt that’s exposed whenever she bends over to pick something up. She remember how her skin felt when she touched it. How her lips hovered over hers during a kiss. How Amy’s hips moved into her crotch just before David and Eli interrupted them. She thinks about it during class or in the middle of a meeting with Rick Spencer, her manager. It makes her heart race and her body heat up. There’s no focus, no other goal in life than getting into Amy’s pants for now. She can’t stand the feeling anymore. Something must be done. And she decides that tonight is the night.

Amy’s in drama class. A theatre piece is coming up and that demands a lot of her free time. Not only does she insist on being the director, no, she has a small role as well. Three cameras, attached to the ceiling and both sides of the stage, record the end result. That gets edited into a nice movie, a memory that the club sells to raise money. And because all parents are, like, morally obliged to pay to see their kids mediocre performance again one day, it’s pure gold.

Alex digs deep in her backpack to find her phone buried underneath a couple of books she has barely looked at this year. She’s a smart girl, studying doesn’t require a lot from her. Just a few hours before a big test. She likes to read magazines and newspapers, but the intelligent stuff, that’s her girlfriend’s strong side. It baffles her how incredibly talented Amy is. Time after time, she aces tests and papers. As a bonus, the girl actually like to read. Not just the Twilight kind of teen books. No, the actual heavy work, like Hemingway and Shakespeare. Tons of books written by authors that carry last names too foreign to pronounce linger across Alex’s room. Her girlfriend brings them along and forgets to take them home after she finishes the literary masterpieces. Somehow, though, it makes Alex feel smart. Just the presence of the work. Perhaps in a magical world, the intellect could radiate off at night and nestle in her brain. A girl can hope, right?

She yawns away the exhausted feeling that’s terrorizing her body ever since she started the double student/model feature. Fooling around with Amy at night doesn’t exactly help. Not that she’s complaining. Tomorrow is another shoot. This time, they’re bringing her over to Los Angeles. The city of dreams and extraordinary careers. She’ll be auditioning for a major, nationwide campaign. Following, Spencer scored her a gig at a runway. It’s the first time she’ll be taking part at one of those, so they’ve been practicing for days now, carefully being watched and coached – and yelled at – by the notorious expert Alexis Djokovic. That’s right, he sounds Russian enough to scare a young girl out of her mind. And he does. Both of the gigs, whether she gets the role or not, require all her limited level of experience. Rick keeps telling her what a natural talent she is and he’s been putting a lot of time and effort – and money – into training her. It’s rare to see a business man so invested in one of his products, so it’s flattering to know he’s totally committed. Therefor, Alex’s committed too. She can’t let him down. Not by blanking out during the shoot or that ridiculously demanding walk down a runway. This thing between Amy and her needs to be resolved as quickly as possible. You know, for the sake of her career.

Alex laughs thinking that through. Yeah, not even she is buying that theory. Her fingers select the cute picture of her super cute girlfriend and exactly ten seconds later, the low, soft voice she was raised with greets her.

“Hello, sweetie,” it says.

Alex decides to slap herself in the face later, because it can’t be healthy to squeal this hard internally every single time Amy calls her that. What a wuss she’s becoming.

“Hey,” she reacts disgustingly girly. “I need to see you tonight. Tomorrow I’ll be in Los Angeles until Saturday and you must understand: I need to see you tonight.”

Amy chuckles through the phone, picking up the hidden message.

“Some things you simply can’t discuss over FaceTime, can you?” she teases shamelessly.

There’s not really a reaction, only some ridiculous laughter.

“My parents are at home,” Amy suddenly tells her.

Not exactly what the other one had imagined.

“Fuck, the house is crowded too. You know what, take your parents’ car and come get me.”

Amy scoffs and frowns: “What? Why?”

“Because we’re going to have sex in your parents car.”

But the blonde isn’t exactly excited about the idea: “Are you kidding me?”

Surrounded by the fellow students she has joined at the school yard, Alex lowers her voice a bit before answering: “Believe me, I don’t joke about those kind of things.”

The blonde stares out the window of the auditorium, hoping she’ll see her beloved supermodel walking by in a hurry. This is the time Alex normally runs to her car, to get home before traffic jams start blocking the roads.

“I will not have sex with you for the first time in my parents’ car. I refuse to,” she clarifies while tapping her fingers against the glass.

Alex sighs away her disappointment and checks her watch. Just a few minutes before getting home might take too long. Fucking traffic. She makes her way over to the parking lot.

“Okay, then … Then we’ll just hang out in my room. Watch a movie, eat some popcorn. That other thing can wait,” she surrenders, realizing how quickly they’re running out of options.

Somewhere deep inside of her heart, she’s serious about it. Simply doing nothing with Amy is good enough for her. Being boring with her is still the best feeling in the world.

“I hate waiting,” Amy pouts, experiencing the same amount of sexual frustration.

Suddenly, her favorite face in the world appears in the distance. A goddess herself crosses the path to get to her car. That goddess calls her ‘babe’.

“Oh, not as much as I do,” Alex sighs.

She turns her face toward the building across the grass field to her right and stops for a second. Of course Amy’s staring at her. She always is.

“Alex?” the blonde softly, yet anxiously utters.

She sees the moving lips of her best friend across the field, holding on to her phone: “Yes?”

“I don’t want you to flirt with other people anymore. I want you all to myself. I want to be your girlfriend, for real.”

Some people, standing behind her, lift a curious eye over the comment. But they all know who she’s talking to – who she’s always talking to. The hot model, Alex Ochoa. Her inseparable twin.

Alex’s heart starts racing and the thought of having Amy all to herself excited her enormously: “Well, weren’t we already heading that way?”

Her great vision discovers the smiling expression on Amy’s relaxed face. She nods.

“Jealous, much?” Alex insinuates.

It’s too obvious to even deny it, so Amy shrugs: “Wouldn’t you, when you’re seeing a superstar.”

That’s when the girl outside throws her free hand up in the air, facing the sky with a dramatic allure that can’t be recreated. Amy giggles.


“So, tomorrow you’re going to meet all the big models in L.A., huh?”

Alex looks over to her girlfriend, who’s going through a Photoshop tips and tricks manual, and shrugs completely unimpressed. Somehow, meeting models doesn’t impress her anymore. She’s been doing this for weeks now. She’s seen so many. It’s surreal how her star has risen. No, it hasn’t risen, it has exploded. Those famous people call her by her first name now and she hasn’t even met them yet. Twitter’s full of her pictures, Tumblr manipulates her face on top of dirty images already. But Alex’s only in it for the experience of glamorously posing in front of the camera and staring at the end-result in a size ten times her realistic height. She loves how a photo session can make make her feel. Almost as good as Amy can. Plus, she’s earning a shitload of money.

They are in Amy’s bedroom, doing exactly what they love, with no loud noises surrounding them. The girls enjoy the quietness that the Wolfe residency can bring. Even with both parents at home, there’s hardly even a sound to be detected. It’s such a difference from Alex’s house. Five men and a young lady under one roof is a prescription for trouble.

They already jumped into their pajamas. A matching set of shorts and sleeveless T-shirts, each its own color. The blond girl inspects the state of her room. She cleaned up nicely before her girlfriend’s arrival. All her books are organized alphabetically on the top shelf. Underneath it, there’s nothing but photo’s of Alex and her. Her bed has new sheets, the pillows have been sprayed with perfume. The wallpaper just barely made it – it was too late to rip it off and replace it with a more modern motive. Yes, that’s just how nervous Amy gets whenever Alex spends the night lately. She doesn’t realize that Alex couldn’t care less about the charisma or fine-tuning of the room. All she cares about is wasting time with her loved one before she flies out of town the first thing in the morning.

“Kathy’s going to be there. She texted me this afternoon.”

Amy looks confused: “Who?”

“Kathy McGrath. Hot. Brunette. Asian roots. Gorgeous brown eyes.”

Forgot to mention: renown superstar. But the enthusiastic way of describing the fellow model makes her girlfriend feel a bit insecure, to say the least.

“Yeah. Not really helping me cope with you skipping school to spend the week with a bunch of hot models.”

Of course, Alex doesn’t mean anything by fangirling over the notoriously known supermodel that’s been on the cover of nearly every famous fashion magazine. She’s just one of her idols, a professional she looks up to. Someone who’s taught her so much by just analyzing her poses and expressions in all the magazines Alex has been collecting for years now.

“Shut up. You know I’ve worked with her last month on that Fossil advertisement. She’s cute – funny even – but rumor has it she’s a fan of the Cotton Ball Diet. I like girls that eat. Pizza, hamburgers, french fries, …”

Amy snorts: “Healthy shit, you mean?”

“Even fruit and veggies couldn’t top it,” her girlfriend decides while jumping next to her on the bed.

She runs some fingers through the soft blond hairs and smiles without realizing it.

“Hey. You are more gorgeous to me than all these girls lined up next to each other. You know that, right?”

“You sure do make me feel that way,” Amy admits.

The girls lean in to kiss. It’s amazing how Alex can reverse the roles and make Amy look like the professional model. Even during shoots, she doesn’t shy away from dragging her lady love on set to pose in the most excessive and fun ways – even is she’s opposed. The photographers seem to enjoy the careless side of it all, most of the time. Rick Spencer, on the other hand, he’s just determined to make her a superstar. And playing around isn’t exactly helping to complete that goal.

Amy’s soft lips start blurring the model’s mind. The way she directs them, makes them hover over her own pouty mouth. Her nerves tingle under Amy’s touch, like she’ll explode if this goes on for much longer. Her fingers grab the tiny straps of the pajama shirt hanging from the blonde’s upper body. A worked up feeling starts building deep inside of her and she stares with fierceness and desire into the clear blue eyes. The tension is noticeable. Almost touchable.

“You know we can’t do this.” Amy whispers, experiencing the exact same thing as her girlfriend.

But Alex’s ready to overlook the more doubtful excuses: “Why not?”

Her fingers linger over the pale skin that’s close to hers. She feels the goosebumps that are caused by her touch. After a few seconds, her movements lead her to the lower parts of Amy’s boobs and the blonde starts biting her lower lip in frustration.

“Starts with ‘m’, ends with ‘ama’!” Amy explains.

In a faint attempt to make the fooling around stop, she lays her hands on top of Alex’s. But truthfully, that’s all she does. No actual pressure to push them away, no body language that actually expresses the need to put an end to this. Her desire is taking over.

“Michelle Obama?” Alex jokes, while she moves her mouth to the blonde’s neck.

She softly caresses it with her tongue and slides the tips of her fingers along Amy’s trembling waist.

“Fuck …” the girl utters, condemning the playful way Alex keeps stroking the skin of her breasts.

But it’s an unfortunate choice of words, given the events: “That’s what I was proposing.”

If they don’t stop now, Amy will rip her little pajamas to pieces. She’s so certain about that fact that it scares her. It rotates in her mind like a pinwheel. A really, big, colorful rainbow pinwheel. To make things even worse, she hears her parents walking around a level below them.

“Spare bedroom. Now,” she orders her girlfriend.

They can’t keep this up all night. Someone has to sleep in another bed.

A defeated Alex throws her hands up in the air and crawls on her knees: “Okay. Okay. I’ll go.”

She grunts while stepping off the bed and deeply inhales to get rid of the aching desire between her legs. She looks at her girlfriend and sighs, despite the events, completely happy. Amy’s probably right. She’s tired – so very tired – and her dad will be here first thing in the morning to pick her up. Rick Spencer wants her at the airport around six a.m., which is ridiculously early. Nothing about what she had in mind was smart. Rest is so very important when it comes to focussing on the job. A quiet night, in a quiet house will work its magic.

The spare bedroom is located right across Amy’s. It has a really big bed, soft pillows and it smells like red roses in there. But as she turns her head around to sneak a final peek at the love of her life, she catches Amy stretching out on the bed. Her muscled, tiny body squirms over the sheets. It hits her, every single time anew, just how beautiful this person is, inside out. With the door knob in her hand, she considers her options. There’s no way she’ll get a decent night of sleep with Amy lying across the hall. So she shuts the door, even turns the key in the lock, and fiercely walks back to the bed. A surprised Amy looks up to her and frowns, not really sure what to expect. But then a determined Alex takes off her shirt and two blue eyes run up and down her half naked body like it’s a piece of art. The Latina crawls on top of her girlfriend and positions herself in between her legs, strategically pushing their groins together, and passionately kisses her. Amy heaves an aroused sigh and then smiles in a naughty way.

“What are you doing?” she pants rather quickly.

Her hands grope the beautifully shaped breasts that are pressed against her chest, because she’d be stupid not to. The touch of her fingers makes Alex moan in a very quiet way. Still, Amy picks up on it. It makes her lady parts tingle.

“I just really want to make it clear to you,” Alex clarifies in between sloppy, heated kisses.

Amy sucks her girlfriend’s lower lip and smirks: “What?”

But all of a sudden, the actions stop. She finds Alex staring into her eyes with a level of open-heartedness she’s never seen before.

“How I feel about you.”

Amy’s heart skips a beat and her face lights up: “So … are you telling me you’re in love with me?”

But Alex shakes her head self-assuringly: “I’m showing you.”

They kiss again, this time it feels more intimate and sincere. Amy’s shirt gets pulled over her head and when their bare upper bodies touch, they both tremble from excitement.

“You better be really quiet,” the nervous blonde rambles, “because if my mom …”

Funnily, Alex’s had enough of it and can’t even be bothered to stop her journey of the body underneath her for a split second.

“Shut up or I’ll call your mom,” she threatens in an amusing way.

“No, seriously, Alex -”

But Amy’s mouth gets cupped by a hand and the most naughty smile appears. With a loud voice, Alex shouts the word ‘mom’ through the room and a panicking Amy fights her way from underneath her to make her stop. They both laugh for a while, to the point where they’re both snoring, wearing nothing more than some panties and shorts. How can this be so funny?

Amy gives in, though, while carefully observing the naked chest of Alex in front of her and nods with an appreciating smile: “Okay, okay. Now just … go on with kissing me. And be quiet.”

Alex’s face lights up and she does as she’s told. Her index finger slowly slips behind the fabric of her girlfriend’s shorts. She professionally lowers them inch by inch as the kissing remains a constant. Amy’s feet kick the panties off her ankles and proceeds to do the same thing with Alex. The kissing stops and they stare at each other’s nudity with a shaking breathe. That’s when the teenage desire to have sex with each other transforms into the need to make love. Lips and fingers make a discovering journey from their breasts to their soaking cores. They touch each other in places they haven’t before and it feels exhilarating. It makes their bodies move without permission and writhe over the sheets in a beautiful way. The first one to collapse under the massively sexual tension they share is Amy, and an unknown wave of ecstasy invades her body. She loses control over everything and feels her muscles cramping up, everywhere inside her body. A silent shriek reverberates though the room – but even if she would scream out loud and accidentally draw her parents’ attention, she wouldn’t mind at all right now. Ultimately, the body feels completely numb, exhausted, drenched empty. She kisses her girlfriend so intensely that she grabs her in a rough way, because she literally can’t get any closer to her. So this is what an orgasm feels like? Damn, she could do that every single day. Her eyes flare up to the person that’s about to hit a climax as well. Her groin is moving up and down in the palm of Amy’s hand, uncontrollably thrusting it faster and faster with every second that passes. A face that nearly can’t take it anymore fascinates her endlessly. Then, simultaneously with the abrupt end of thrusting, it lights up in a beautiful way. Closed eyes lose the squinting appearance while trembling lips force a loud moan to remain quiet. Alex’s sweaty body drops down on top of Amy’s, completely exhausted, yet satisfied.

She’s going to miss this while Alex is gone.


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